Here you can find answers to many of the most common questions we get asked. If there is any other information you require please contact us.

Casting FAQs

Do you cast everyday?

We cast from Tuesday to Friday.

When will my casting be ready?

If a printable file is received by us before 4pm it will be ready for collection by 4pm two days later – we do not cast at the weekend or Monday so files received by us on Thursday or Friday will be ready on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Do you cast in all metals?

We cast in the following metals:


18ct White Gold (High Palladium 13.9%)

18ct Yellow Gold

18ct Red Gold

14ct White Gold

14ct Yellow Gold

14ct Red Gold

9ct White Gold

9ct Yellow Gold

9ct Red Gold

22ct Yellow Gold

Palladium (950 only)

Do you cast in base metal?

No, we only cast in precious metal.

Do you cast in silver?

No we only cast in Gold, Platinum or Palladium.

Do you use Fairtrade Gold?

Sorry – we do not offer Fairtrade Gold currently.

Do you offer recycled precious metal?

All our Gold is recycled.

Do you offer Same Day Casting?

Yes, we offer a same day casting. We need to receive the wax by 10am in the morning to be able to deliver by the end of the day, normally at 4.30pm.

If DBC are printing the piece please send the file the day before 4pm so the wax can be printed and processed promptly by our team.

If you are posting a wax to us please note that if the post is delivered after 10am we won’t be able to fit it in for a same day cast. We’d recommend that the file be sent to us and printed here so that we can ensure your sameday cast goes as smoothly as possible.

Same day costs are £120+VAT per metal (up to 5 pieces per metal)

Printing FAQs

What 3D printing services do you offer?

We offer two types of 3D printing; wax printing for lost wax casting and resin printing which is suited better for model viewing and wearing.

When can I expect my print model?

If a file is sent before 4pm it is normally ready by 12noon the next day.

What design files should I send?

Preferable file formats are .STL and .OBJ.

Production FAQs

Do you use non precious stones?

Not unless supplied by the customer.

Are you a manufacturing company?

Yes, we are fine jewellery manufacturers delivering products of the highest quality and standard.

Do you have MOQ?

We do not offer mass production and therefore do not have MOQ – we specialise in one offs and have capacity for limited batch production.

How long does the process take from start to finish?

The process begins with CAD which can take between 2 days and 2 weeks depending on the current workload and then we normally allow 4-6 weeks for manufacturing on the completion of the designs being approved. Often the turnaround is much quicker and this will be discussed with you once the CAD is approved and ready for production.

What is the cost of samples?

This will vary depending on your designs and materials – we will need specific designs to be able to accurately estimate this – we cannot provide you with a rough estimate.

Design FAQs

What designs should I send?

Measured drawings are always preferred but sketches of the idea alongside reference images also work. The more information you can provide the better the product can match what was originally wanted.

Do you need drawings and measurements?

Ideally yes, but not always necessary if a good selection of references are provided. This process tends to be more expensive as there is more going back and forth between the designer and the customer.

Do you need specifications of metals?

Yes, if a piece has more than one metal it will help us understand the design and manufacturing methods required.

Do you offer a consultation and advice service?

We do – the price is £85 +VAT for up to 1 hour consultation.

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